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Fabretto and FOMIN, expanding technical and vocational education through rural Nicaragua

BY: Virginia Daboub



Fabretto is the only organization in Nicaragua to offer the Tutorial Learning System (Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial, or SAT). In rural Nicaragua, as few only 20% of students who complete the 6th grade continue to secondary school, often due to economic constraints or access to public schools.

As part of the project Jóvenes Preparados Agregando Valor, funded by Multilateral Investment Fund (FOMIN) and the Japan Special Fund for Poverty Reduction (JPO), Fabretto’s SAT program was expanded to 4 communities in Nueva Segovia: Mozonte, Jícaro, Jalapa, and San Fernando, making it a total of 180 more youth who are now receiving quality rural secondary education in their communities. The purpose of the expansion is to continue to strengthen agricultural entrepreneurship in the rural area. This is achieved through technical courses offered by SAT, that begun as of October 2017.

Carmen Aguirre, SAT Technical Advisor, has led the expansion project in Nueva Segovia and contributed to the arduous selection of 6 SAT tutors. “Tutors are the engine of SAT, which brings education to the most isolated areas; they are more than teachers, as they play a leadership role in the community. Therefore, all of them must have particular qualities and capabilities, “said Carmen.

Among the requirements to become a SAT tutor, the following stand out: being a native of the area; have completed agricultural engineering or related careers; having at least 2 years of experience as a teacher, or providing technical assistance to young people; possess excellent oral expression skills. In addition, it is required for the tutor to have strong entrepreneurship skills and have developed his own business. “Our tutors have started personal businesses, such as a bakery and pig farm. Each of them show values ​​such as humility and solidarity, “says Carmen.

The SAT program in Nueva Segovia goes by the name SAT Technical (SATyT), which focuses on strengthening skills for mathematical analysis, entrepreneurship, and serve the community. It focuses on the development of technical skills, through the certification of INATEC courses, in order to reinforce agricultural skills to generate higher incomes and increase employability. In Nueva Segovia, the courses will be taught from the homes of the students or members of the community, where the 6 new tutors will teach classes every day.

Carmen, who comes from a family of low economic resources, has witnessed the impact that the technical education has had in rural communities in Nicaragua. “The young farmers lack educational opportunities in his community,” she confesses. That is why, in 2002, Aguirre was able to take advantage of the university scholarship she received through Fabretto, which allowed her to obtain a Degree in Environmental Sciences.

Carmen joined Fabretto’s team 9 years ago. Since then, she has been a technical adviser to SAT, sharing her knowledge and passion for agriculture with young people from rural communities in Madriz, Somoto, Managua and now Nueva Segovia. “SAT is known for its integral education; it allows the young person and the tutor to take ownership of what they have learned, apply them to their work, and share them with others,” said Carmen.

Carmen and the new tutors expressed their enthusiasm to teaching SATyT in Nueva Segovia for the first time. “We are anxious to start a new educational era in Nueva Segovia. Our dream is to see young people ready to start their own business and provide their families with better futures. We are confident that with a little motivation, young people will become true community leaders who protect the environment and love their communities, “commented Carmen with a big smile. Thanks to the support of FOMIN, more rural youth will now have access to vocational technical education, which will allow them to break the cycle of poverty and contribute to the economic development of their communities.

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