8-31-17  |  Success Story

Anielka is off to college

BY: Mireya Iglesias


“The center is my second home;  it is a place where no one feels excluded.” These were the words used by Anielka in describing her experience in the SAT Program. She has been a beneficiary of Fabretto’s Educational programs for 11 years. Students like Anielka are provided the opportunity to be sponsored and fostered as leaders in their communities. They attend the Fabretto center where they are taught the value of applying what they learn in their everyday life-  how to work in the field and at the same time manage inventory. This is what differentiates the Fabretto SAT program from other schools: the apprenticeship experience.


Anielka’s story is evidently one of success thanks to donors like Coca-Cola Foundation who supported Fabretto’s SAT Program. She is the result of perseverance and vision as she is already on her way to college, giving her new opportunities to excel as a student and as a Nicaraguan woman. Her biggest lesson in life was to win the Entrepreneurial Challenge where she was able to present her cooking condiments and species project, such as dehydrated chili, basil, and oregano, a project she plans to further develop. “I discovered abilities in myself I didn’t know I had;  I never imagined being able to talk in front of so many people, “explained Anielka,  as she will soon attend college where she hopes to pursue a medical degree in hopes of going back to her community and help. She, like many students, also wants to come back and be a SAT tutor and serve as inspiration to her community, her home.


To Anielka, it is a great achievement to be able to pursue her education, and is aware that opportunities like these are one in a million given the scarce resources. She expresses gratitude towards Fabretto and her donors for providing unconditional support to young people like her, who want to fulfill their dreams. It is that humble vision that leads these students to success, to see that there is a world of possibilities beyond themselves that are possible with the educational and life tools that have been provided. Anielka represents pride and inspiration to all girls that believe dreaming is not enough, but to also be able to pursue their dreams in order to become a generation of change.


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