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Extra Hours with “Profesor” Arnoldo

BY: Antonella Saravia


It is with the help of partnerships that Fabretto is able to make an impact in Nicaraguan communities. Visi for Fabretto is a chapter founded at Georgetown Visitation Prep whose mission is to spread awareness of the Fabretto Foundation and cultivate philanthropy in Georgetown. In the last 8 months, Visi For Fabretto raised over $3,000 through community and school-related fundraisers to help pay for a teacher’s salaries at a Fabretto Center in Northern Nicaragua. Fabretto tutors, much like Arnoldo, put in a great deal of time and effort to leave the impact that donations and support offer. 

Arnoldo’s classroom is at the end of the corridor. The children are quiet as he explains the parts of a sentence. At 26 years of age, he is a professor of 1st year (also know as 7th grade), he has been with the SAT program for five years.

Of the groups he’s worked with, he says it’s incredibly exciting to see this community’s involvement. Parents are dedicated and as tutors, we too go the extra mile to make the difference.

“There are many children here who miss class for one reason or another. Many times, they work the fields alongside their parents. Together, we coordinate to find out what the causes of these absences are. We go from there,” says Arnoldo. He understands the importance of attendance but is also very aware of the difficulties some of the families undergo and together, the staff does what they can to avoid a disruption in the child’s education. If a student worked the day to help support his family financially, ideally, a tutor from the Rodeo Center will come over during the afternoon and brief him on everything he’s missed.

In rural Nicaragua, as few as 20% of students continue to secondary school, and even then attendance is difficult. Of the 26 students he teaches, daily attendance is 24 of the 26, which is something he is extremely proud of and works hard to maintain.

“Aside from knowledge, we aim to understand them as well. We want them to communicate what their obstacles are, we want them to feel supported, and we want them to stay curious.” He explains that one of the pillars of the program is providing a sense of community. The tutors at the center strive not only to support them but to encourage them to support each other.

The program couples theory with practice and ensures that all the materials provided will be relevant to their advancement. Arnoldo is enthusiastic about his class’ current project. “We are growing a garden!” he shares, “This involves learning, sharing, helping each other, and even has physical activity included in the lesson.” He is teaching them to manage their initiative with a future objective of commercialization. The entire process is enriching to them and their families.

More than anything, the dedicated tutor and true example of inspiration expressed his gratitude, “I am thankful to Father Fabretto and his organization for trusting us with this responsibility. The program makes such a difference in our lives, the children’s lives, and their communities.”

Visi for Fabretto has officially raised over $6,775 with a new goal for the upcoming year. We are all excited about this collaboration and thank everyone involved!

Would you like to start a chapter to raise awareness? For more on fundraising, please visit our website. 

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