10-28-15  |  Success Story

Leidy’s Story

BY: Elena Laswick

“I am more prepared in school because I attend Fabretto enrichment classes.”

-Leidy, Fabretto student

Leidy, Ocotal

In her own words, Leidy, a sixth-grade student in Ocotal, tells us 6 things she’s gained through Fabretto’s Primary Education Enrichment program:

1. A full day of learning: While the average Nicaraguan public school day is only 4 hours long, Leidy and her classmates who come to Fabretto’s daily enrichment classes are in school participating in meaningful activities in the afternoon as well: “If we weren’t in enrichment classes we would be at home doing nothing.”

2. Confidence: Leidy is empowered by the student-centered teaching style of Fabretto enrichment classes, which is very distinct from the teacher-centered, lecture style of her public school classes. “We aren’t shy to talk to a group of people anymore, since in enrichment classes we present our work a lot.” Leidy has even participated in public readings outside of the classroom in her community.

Leidy shares a short story she wrote with her enrichment class

3. Individualized support: Like most families in Nicaragua, Leidy’s parents work demanding jobs in order to make ends meet, and therefore often cannot help her or her two siblings with their homework. Fabretto enrichment classes offer students like Leidy critical educational support, in Leidy’s case with her most challenging subject, math:

“When I started enrichment classes I was horrible at math, but with help from my after-school teacher, I got so much better.” Compared to students in her class that don’t attend Fabretto enrichment classes, Leidy says that the students that do, “are noticeably more prepared because of the extra attention we get in enrichment classes.”

Teachers support students as they work at their own pace

4. An expanded world view:  “Thanks to Fabretto, I’ve gotten to travel a lot: to [nearby town] Somoto for dance and reading competitions, and to [capital city] Managua for a literacy fair.” If it weren’t for all of the reading she does in the Fabretto center’s library, or the fact that she has learned how to dance in her Fabretto enrichment class, Leidy would not have had a reason to travel outside of her home town.

5. Love of reading:  The Fabretto library has played an important role in Leidy’s growth as an avid reader. Families in Nicaragua often struggle to cover the costs of basic school supplies and rarely have the luxury of being able to own books. At Fabretto’s library, Leidy can check out and read as many books as she wants. “I already have 5 pages of library borrowing cards filled out with books I’ve borrowed,” she beams.

6. Creativity: Leidy’s half-day of public school focuses strictly on core academic subjects. To expose children to the arts, Fabretto after-school classes nurture creativity through arts & crafts, traditional folkloric dance lessons, and more. “In [public school] class, we write and write and write, whereas in Fabretto enrichment classes we write, but we also have fun and let our imaginations run wild!” For Leidy, who dreams of being a writer and inventing her own stories, these lessons are the perfect environment to work towards her dream.

Leidy during dance class

Leidy has access to a quality education because of Fabretto’s programs. YOU are part of Leidy’s and other Fabretto beneficiaries’ success when you donate to Fabretto. 



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