9-29-15  |  Success Story

New Coop in San Isidro

BY: Meg Canale

William and Maria, 8th graders in Fabretto’s San Isidiro de Bolas Education Center, looks on excitedly as the ribbon is cut. It’s a joyus day at the San Rafeal Farm, part of the San Isidro Education Center. We celebrated the expansion of the chicken coop with a re-inauguration ceremony. The coop serves as a hands-on learning tool for students, learning best practices in feeding and raising chicken to prepare to sell. The 8th grade classes work and maintain the coop.










William transferred to Fabretto because he was so intrigued by the projects and style of education. “My parents think these projects are great, and also teach responsibility,” William says. “Sincerely, I live here on a farm, where we have a similar set up. I’ve already learned a lot, like how to better feed and house chickens. I want to use these skills to help my family’s business.” Ambitious and determined, William’s favorite class is mathematics and he wants to study to become an engineer.   


Maria couldn’t be more enthusiastic about this project. The coop currently has 200 chickens, and  the Director of the Center, Ramon, says he plans to grow the program every year. “Now that I have this practice, I hope to have my own business,” she says. . Her favorite class is environmental science and farming and she wants to study medicine in university.


This powerful education tool was made possible by collaboration with Fundación Juan Entrecanales de Azcarate.


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