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Volunteer Spotlight: Alicia

BY: Lauren Fusek

For the past 7 months, Alicia has been in Nicaragua working directly with Fabretto’s students at our San Isidro school. Teaching English in both the primary and secondary education programs, Alicia has proved to be an incredibly dedicated volunteer, friend, and teacher.


Her passion and energy in the classroom is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Saying Alicia is an extrovert would be an understatement. Just from spending a day shadowing her, its crystal clear how much she loves her work. Walking into the school, Alicia was greeted with hugs from endless students. And in attempt to teach them English outside the classroom, she would say ‘Good morning! Are you happy?’ to everyone she saw.


Alicia’s Full Day Schedule:


6:30 AM: First attempt to wake up. Snooze.


6:45 AM: Second attempt to wake up. Snooze.


7:10 AM: Rush to get ready for the day! Throw on clothes and makeup before running out the door.


7:20 AM: Wait by the bus stop to ride it with her students. (The bus was absolutely packed! Alicia and I ended up standing because all of the seats and aisle space were full)




7:45 AM: Arrive at San Isidro! Get the classroom tidy and ready for teaching


8:00 AM: First English class begins!






9:30 AM: A group of volunteers from the all boy’s McCallie high school come in to help Alicia teach the class. Alicia introduces them to the kids, and from there the volunteers teach the students words in English about sports by playing games like pictionary and charades.


10:20 AM: Break time! Students and teachers scramble to get snacks (we ate the yummiest plantain chips called ‘tejadas’) and play on the fields.


10:45 AM: Return to classes.






12:30 PM: Lunch! All the students line up in the kitchen and wait to get their meal. For many, this will be their only nutritious meal of the day. Today’s lunch was rice, soy, yucca, and vegetables.




1:30 PM: Last class of the day. This class was made up of seniors who were 16-20 years old. It was extremely impressive how much English they knew! Especially in comparison to some of the younger classes. The student in this photo is named Kevin — read his story here.



2:15 PM: End of classes! Time to socialize and play with all the students, while waiting for the bus ride back


4:00 PM: Bus arrives. Everyone squishes in all together, exhausted and ready to relax at home.

Repeat: Monday-Friday!

Thanks for your hard work, Alicia! You have made such a difference in all your student’s lives.

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