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Humans of Nicaragua: Kevin and Jessica

BY: Lauren Fusek

Fabretto Center in San Isidro de Bolas, Nicaragua


Last Wednesday, I traveled to Fabretto’s education center in San Isidro de Bolas. Here, I was able to shadow another volunteer named Alicia who teaches English to secondary education students. Following her around the whole day allowed me to meet a ton of amazing students working so hard to make a change for themselves and their families. Below are two summaries on Kevin and Jessica who we’re incredibly friendly and sweet during their interviews. 


Meet Kevin:

Kevin is a 17-year-old senior at San Isidro who is extremely passionate about learning. He began his journey with Fabretto nearly 13 years ago when he enrolled in the preschool program. From the way he was able to speak English confidently, it was clear he practices a lot outside of the classroom and uses it as frequently as possible. Kevin really seemed like such a driven, hardworking student who was so appreciative of the opportunities he has had through education. His favorite class is chemistry and in the future, he hopes to work in economics in order to improve Nicaragua’s current financial standings. Kevin is one of 5 siblings in his household alongside his mother and father. They live quite far away from San Isidro so his journey to school every morning is approximately 40 minutes. But Kevin said that ultimately, he doesn’t mind the walk because his education will help both his family and his future.


Meet Jessica:

Jessica is an eleven-year-old student at Fabretto who is in her first year of secondary education.  At home she has two younger siblings who are three and five years old. Because her mom is a single mother working many hours a day cleaning houses to make ends meet, Jessica takes care of her siblings after school. In school, math is her favorite subject and she has made many friends at Fabretto. She loves to come to school each day even if it means waking up at 5:30 AM because she knows she will have fun for the next 6 hours. In her free time, Jessica loves to play soccer and other games outside on the field, and eat lollipops!

About the Author:  Lauren is a 2015 Georgetown University Summer Intern with Fabretto.She has spent a month in Nicaragua, working closely with the Marketing & Communications team.

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