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Fabretto Joins Action/2015 Movement in Nicaragua

BY: Anina Hewey

Yesterday, Fabretto met with international and local organizations in the first informational panel about the Post-2015 Agenda as part of the Action/2015 movement. Over 1,200 organizations from 125 countries have pledged their support.


One goal unites us: to turn 2015 into a year of positive change for our planet and its people. This year, world leaders will convene to determine the new Sustainable Development Goals, and the decisions that they make will determine our collective future. This is the moment to take action to end poverty, promote equality, and protect the environment.


Governments around the world are negotiating with civil society, youth, businesses, and individuals to determine the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015. In Nicaragua, Fabretto has joined the civil society Action/2015 group to add our voices to the global conversation. This group will present a proposal to the Nicaraguan government to bring to the regional OWG (Open Working Group). When the UN members meet at the Special Summit on Sustainable Development in September 2015, the results of the OWG will influence and inform their decisions.


At yesterday’s panel, María Rosa Renzi, Human Development Coordinator at UNDP, presented the goals of Action/2015. In addition, the director of the Nicaraguan Human Development Organization (INPRHU) spoke about the Global Movement for Children and positioned children and youth as a priority in the 2015 Agenda. This was just the first of many discussions and panels to come. Youth participation is particularly important to Action/2015. In the next few weeks, Fabretto will involve our in national youth forums to discuss needs and ideas for change.


We invite you to watch this video by Action/2015, and stay tuned for more information on how you can get involved.




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