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5 Reasons Why School Lunch is Better Than a Valentine’s Day Dinner

BY: Anina Hewey

Crowded tables, long lines, poor service, a disappointing plate of food – yup, it’s Valentine’s Day! On February 14th, couples in the U.S. will spend an average of $100 to enjoy (or survive) a fancy dinner out. With all the social pressure and commercialism, it’s easy to lose sight of the meaning of the holiday and the simple act of sharing a special meal with someone you love.

That’s why we’re shifting the focus this year to the best meal of all: School Lunch.

That’s right – although you may have not-so-fond memories of the cafeteria, for many children around the world, school lunch is a life saver. It’s reliable. It’s filling. And it’s often the only full meal of the day. In countries like Nicaragua, a nutritious school lunch can make all the difference for a child’s health and education. Here’s why school lunch is awesome – and trumps your Valentine’s Day dinner:

Reason 1: With school lunch, children don’t have to go hungry to go to school.

It’s not easy to learn on an empty belly – school lunch helps children focus on their education by reducing child hunger.

Reason 2: School lunch keeps kids in school.

In many communities, children must walk for over an hour to reach school. School lunch is an important incentive for students to keep returning to class each day.

Reason 3: School lunch fights malnutrition and anemia.

Worldwide, 1 in 4 children suffer from growth stunting resulting from chronic malnourishment. A nutritious school lunch can help provide the nutrients that children need.

Reason 4: A+! School lunch helps children do better in school.

The vitamins and minerals in school lunches help children’s cognitive development, and studies have shown that a healthy school meal can improve academic performance.

Reason 5: School lunch lets children be children.

The joy of a full belly – school lunch allows children to learn, play, and socialize at school without worrying about their next meal.

 For just $25, you can invite 30 children to share your Valentine’s Day meal with school lunch, and you can send an e-card to a special someone as a tribute to your generous gift. SHARE YOUR MEAL!




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