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14 years Behind Fabretto’s Cause

BY: Elena Aldecoa

To many, he was known as Nicaragua’s Ambassador to Spain, but Alonso Chamorro is a writer at heart.


Since 2001, the author has been a friend and supporter of Fabretto. As Ambassador, Alonso played on important role in founding Fundación Fabretto in Spain, and since then, he has remained involved with the cause.  In the meantime, he has grown into a prominent writer of Spanish-language motivational and self-help books, leading to sales of more than 30,000 copies in Nicaragua.


In our interview with him, he confided, “I fell in love with the organization because, unlike other organizations, Fabretto teaches life skills for an economically sustainable future.  Fabretto doesn’t simply focus on providing basic necessities or health services, it goes to the root of the problem and helps individuals lead sustainable lives by giving them a vocation.”


For Alonso, “Poverty is perpetuated by a lack of values, a lack of true Christian principles, a lack of consciousness of the impact that our actions have on others. The higher one’s social status, the more responsibility one has to create change and improve the lives of our fellow citizens.”


In his books, Alonso reflects upon many different human behaviors and thought patterns. Some of his popular titles include “It’s All in the Mind,” “The Secret to Happiness,” and “More than 300 Ways to Live Better. These are examples of the themes that run through the literature of this inspiring author.


In 2015, Alonso has pledged a portion of the profits from sales of his books to Fabretto. If you are interested in purchasing one of Alonso’s books (available in Spanish), please visit http://e-bookautoayuda.blogspot.com/. 10% of your purchase will be donated to Fabretto to support education programs in Nicaragua. If you are in Nicaragua, you can also find the books for sale at any of the major supermarkets (Maxipalí, La Colonia, and La Unión).


Fabretto sincerely thanks Alonso Chamorro for his many years of support and his dedication to building a better future in Nicaragua!

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