11-11-14  |  Success Story

This is My Story: Irene

BY: Elena Laswick

Irene is a Fabretto Rural Secondary Education student at the Fabretto San Isidro education center. Thanks to the preparation she has received in Fabretto’s education programs, Irene will continue her education at college next year where she will follow her dream of studying Architecure. For students like Irene, going to college represents a huge accomplishment; In her community of San Isidro de Bolas, 50% of people live below the poverty line and often cannot access a quality education, leading to high rates of illiteracy in adults. Students like Irene, who says she is studying to make “changes in her community and support her family,” are working to change these statistics.

This holiday season, join us as we celebrate the stories of Fabretto students.  You are an important #PartoftheirStory!  



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