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Sponsorship Program Supports Children in Beach Village

BY: Anina Hewey

Over the past decade, Nicaragua has transformed into a growing tourist destination.  With eco-tourism, luxury vacation homes, and world-class surf breaks, the southern beaches in the province of Rivas are one of the biggest attractions for visitors from around the world.

View from the Gigante beach 

There’s another side to the story though, and that’s the reality of life in a developing nation.  Although the influx of tourism has brought more attention to the small beach villages lining the Pacific coast, the local communities have a long history of poverty, and families continue to struggle just to make ends meet.


Playa Gigante is one of these communities.  The small fishing village is home to just 400 individuals and historically has had limited access to education and basic services.  With few resources available, many children often suffer from poor nutrition and chronic health problems.


In 2011, Lynn Mangum, former president of Fabretto’s Board of Directors, witnessed the great need in Gigante and encouraged the Fabretto team to take action.  Under Lynn’s guidance, Fabretto’s education and nutrition programs began to support the primary school in the Gigante community.  Today, these programs have grown to include several other schools in the region.

Yuliana and Maria with three other sponsored children on the beach


Lynn and his wife Betty were also the first Fabretto supporters to sponsor children who live in Gigante.  Yuliana and Maria (pictured above) have been sponsored by Lynn and Betty since 2011.  With support from sponsorship, Yuliana and Maria were able to finish the 6th grade and enroll in secondary school this year.  This is an enormous achievement for children from Gigante – over 80% of adults in the community did not reach the 6th grade.  Going to high school means that youth, the future leaders of the Gigante community, gain more knowledge and skills to help them break the cycle of poverty.


Our program is growing in this region, and more children are waiting for generous sponsors like Lynn and Betty.  For just $1 a day, you can help a child in Gigante reach a better future through education and daily meals.  For more information about sponsoring in Gigante or another region of Nicaragua, please contact our Child Sponsorship Coordinator.

Children perform a song at the recent inauguration of a new classroom in Gigante

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