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Linking Nutrition & Hygiene at School Fairs

BY: Stephen Chaney

Did you know that last Friday was the International Day of the Egg?  The public primary school Félix Rubén García Sarmiento, one of the many schools supported by Fabretto’s programs, hosted a fair to celebrate this little-known day last Friday.  At the fair, Fabretto took the opportunity to link good nutrition with the importance of hygiene.

Poor hygiene can counteract the progress that children make in nutrition programs.  Luckily, small lifestyle changes can make a huge difference!  Statistics from the Ministry of Health in Nicaragua have shown that washing hands with soap regularly can reduce the incidence of common diseases up to 50%.  That’s why at each of our centers and at public schools with our programs, students, teachers, and staff learn the best techniques to wash their hands (with soap!).


One of the goals of the school fair was to make learning about nutrition and hygiene fun!  On the day of the fair, a huge box of eggs arrived at the school along with the popular Nica Salud “Blue Bus,” an initiative that began 14 years ago to train community members in good health and hygiene practices.

Students were invited to hop on the bus, where they found sinks, soap, and fun activities that taught the best techniques for washing their hands.  They also enjoyed delicious dishes with eggs, a great affordable source of protein and nutrients, and share their knowledge about nutrition in short presentations.  All in all, the Day of the Egg was a successful day of learning, plus whole lot of fun!

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