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Playa Gigante School Inaugurates Two New Classrooms

BY: Elena Laswick

Last Thursday, in Playa Gigante, Fabretto celebrated the completion of a new classroom at the José Dolores Rivera school. The addition of two new classrooms to this school significantly increases the amount of space available for the 125 students who attend class here daily by about 60%, from just 3 classrooms to 5.

Fabretto joined Project Wave Of Optimism (WOO), a non-profit that has worked in Playa Gigante for 8 years; the Ministry of Education; and the community at the inauguration of the new classrooms. For the past three years, Project WOO played an integral part in petitioning the local government for permission to build these new classrooms, which was granted five months ago. Fabretto supports the children at the school with education and nutrition programs.

Teachers and students expressed their excitement about the infrastructure improvements. “The new building will meet many needs,” said teacher Dania Mena. “The classrooms were overflowing with students, and we were combining everything into a single space. Furthermore, each year we have more students enrolling.” Dania explained the plans for the new classrooms, one of which will be partitioned in two so that half can be used as a library. She also emphasized the benefits for the entire community: “A lot of parents are interested in continuing their education, and with this new building we will now have the space to meet that need.” 



On Thursday, all 125 students plus their teachers and family members piled into the old classroom building and cheered as students performed in multiple dances, both modern and folkloric. Representatives from the Ministry of Education, Fabretto, and Project WOO gave short speeches, urging students to care for the new space and honor it by attending class every day. Each speaker emphasized that the opportunities that the new construction offered for community outreach, adult education, and even emergency housing in the case of a natural disaster.

Bo Fox, Project WOO representative, congratulating the school at the celebration ceremony on Thursday

The celebration ended with a school lunch funded by Fabretto. Parents from the community came to help with preparing a delicious meal for the almost 300 participants! Fabretto was thrilled to celebrate this long-awaited achievement alongside the whole community of Playa Gigante.

The José Dolores Rivera school with the new classroom building on the right

You can support the children who attend the Playa Gigante school by donating to support Fabretto education programs or by becoming a Child Sponsor for one of the Gigante students. Learn more about our Child Sponsorship program here.

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