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Thinking Like Photographers: ‘Desde Mi Lente’ Chapter 3

BY: Elena Laswick

We hope you have been following volunteer Camilo Robles’ introductory photography class as they learn more and more about the art of photography each week. In case you’ve missed any part of our series, catch up by learning more about Camilo, and watching the first and second episodes!


This Friday, follow Fabretto students in Cusmapa as they learn about points of view, composition, and most importantly-how to think like photographers.

Tune in every Friday for another episode, and to meet another one of the students!


This week’s photographer is: Anayanci


Photo taken by Fabretto student, Anayanci


Meet the Photographer: Anayanci is 11 years old, and currently in 6th grade. She loves school, and the friends she has made there. The reason she was motivated to learn about photography was to learn about something completely new to her. 


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