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My Interview with Geneli, Early Education Leader

BY: Carina Glastris

“When I was younger, Fabretto was just a person, it was just Father Fabretto to me. Now, Fabretto is something much bigger. It lives in my heart, it’s a part of my life and it’s a part of who I am. I am so proud to be a part of it.” – Geneli

In the spirit of our summer campaign, whose goal is to raise money to fill Montessori preschool classrooms, I traveled to the Fabretto center in Estelí to see a Montessori class in action and sit down with a few preschool teachers to hear their stories. Each one of their stories was touching in its own way, but no one expressed their pride in their work and Fabretto’s impact on their life better than a woman named Geneli, who has been with Fabretto for almost 14 years.

In 2001, she joined Fabretto’s computer classes and went on to study Business Administration at a local university, but her true passion was working with children. After finishing her degree, she decided to pursue a career in education and became a teacher at a Fabretto-sponsored preschool.


Geneli helps Fabretto teachers use hands-on activities with their students

During our conversation, she explained how scared she felt before her first day teaching a preschool class of 3-4 year olds. Preschool teachers are under immense of pressure to support children at a crucial moment in their development. Though initially intimidated, Geneli continued teaching and grew to become a creative, dedicated and effective teacher. In 2009, she was named Educational Coordinator, which was “a dream come true.”

“I’m very thankful for Fabretto,” she said, “because not only is it helping children and the education system in Nicaragua, but Fabretto has helped me become a stronger person, a stronger leader, a better mom, and to achieve my dreams. Fabretto has helped me identify what I want to be and what I want my role in my community to be.”

Inspired by her professional success, Geneli was motivated to continue learning. In 2011, she began studying Pedagogy with a specialty in Infant Education, and is now in her 4th year of study. Geneli began her journey as a timid young lady who was afraid to make mistakes, but through her teaching career with Fabretto she has grown into the strong leader the preschool deserves. Empowered, educated and dedicated, Geneli is an exceptional woman and role model in her community.

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Having fun with the kids!

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