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Fabretto Initiates NEW Formal Primary Education Program

BY: Anina Hewey

Last Friday, the students in the 2nd grade classroom at Fabretto’s Center in Somoto were completely focused on their task: creating words from slips of paper with short syllables. Their teacher, Sindy Consuelo, circulated through the room answering questions and helping with tricky words. Quiet moments of concentration were punctuated with exclamations of delight as each child worked at his or her own pace.

This classroom is part of Fabretto’s exciting new initiative in formal primary education. Previously, Fabretto offered only afterschool services with the education enrichment program. In Somoto, with support from the Ministry of Education (MINED), Fabretto now offers a complete, accredited education program to approximately 75 preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students.

Drawing from the success of Fabretto’s education enrichment program, this pilot program was designed to test and promote the Fabretto model in formal education. In the future, Fabretto hopes to expand the program to additional education centers.

Students are active participants in the learning process in the Somoto classrooms

Somoto’s program continues to the use the Fabretto model of education that focuses on child-centered, interactive lessons. Each classroom will benefit from comprehensive teacher training, key classroom resources, and parent involvement. Although it was just the first week of class, Sindy and the first grade teacher, Luz Marina Betanco, were already engaging students in hands-on activities. “The students are very motivated in class,” Sindy observed.

Somoto’s new program marks an important step toward expanding Fabretto’s reach in education in Nicaragua. In addition to the new program, the Somoto center continues to offer education enrichment and afterschool classes open to all students in the area.

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