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Friends of Fabretto Testimony

BY: Fabretto

This post was written by Heather Hawkins, participant on the Friends of Fabretto November 2013 trip. Thank you, Heather, for sharing your story!

I recently had the privilege of traveling with Fabretto Children’s Foundation to Nicaragua. On the trip I met some of the incredible individuals who have had a hand in transforming the lives of  underserved children through Fabretto’s programs, and we also had fun! The Nicaraguan people, the Fabretto Centers and the amazing, warm friendly Fabretto staff will stay close, though I’ve journeyed back to the comforts of home in the States.

Not only did I enjoy traveling with a great group of Fabretto child sponsors and supporters, I was able to witness first-hand the positive impact of Fabretto, providing urban and rural educational support and healthful nutrition programs for children served by their programs.

I have been deeply touched by the joy of education and the power of hope, especially demonstrated by one mother living in the dump community of La Cruz, who boarded our bus to give hugs, kisses and thanks to Fabretto for helping to educate some her children at the school near the dump where families work daily to eke out a meager living. The school stands as a colorful beacon of hope amid the drab houses made of sticks and plastic bags which one can’t help but notice along the dirt road we traveled to the Fabretto school. Education isn’t something to be taken for granted in many places around the world, and one can really appreciate this in an impoverished country like Nicaragua, where there are no givens and nothing to be taken for granted.

Thanks to Fabretto, there are fewer hungry children, more opportunities available, and tangible ways to escape poverty and despair. Fabretto makes a difference because Fabretto gives hope.

Click HERE to read Heather’s full testimony and see her beautiful photos from the trip!

Interested in signing up for the next Friends of Fabretto trip? Contact Ally Decruz for more information.

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